Art for Four Year Olds, Wee and Some Very Bad Language

So to our day to day lives. We spent Saturday morning at the under fives story telling at the National Portrait Gallery, learning about Halley and his comet. A fun hour and we will definitely be going back for more. It’s great that, despite huge cuts in arts funding, these activities are still free. Loved that Eve discovered she could make her cardboard sun hover over the air conditioning grill!

We were delighted Eve and Leah discovered their first favourite piece of art. A digital colour changing portrait of the architect Zaha Hadid. They were thrilled by it wouldn’t let us leave until they had seen it change colour a dozen times. We have never had this reaction in a gallery before. The best we can normally hope for is that they are not whining with boredom or weeing on the floor (to be fair that was just the once but I doubt the Tate have forgotten the stream of wee running down the floor towards the Umberto Boccioni).

Particularly bad bus journey into work this morning which took an hour when it should only have taken 20 minutes. That’s a lot of extra time to keep two four year olds entertained. I’d done two rounds of flashcards and all the stickers in the Charlie and Lola comic before we’d even got onto the Walworth Road. Bus was driven by Gordon Ramsay. I’m hoping that the c*** word which Eve and Leah must have heard him say doesn’t get repeated anytime soon.

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2 Responses to Art for Four Year Olds, Wee and Some Very Bad Language

  1. Jose says:

    Lovely to read and very inspiring.

    I shall endeavour to set something similar up for our little one.

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