Mass Observation

I am writing this blog for three reasons. Firstly I want Eve and Leah to have a lasting record of our day-to-day lives. I hope they will like looking at this now and in a few years it will bring back lots of happy memories. I accept and even hope for teenage moments where they ridicule what their parents were wearing, doing and listening to and I hope that when they are grown up they will find it both fascinating and a reminder of how much we loved them and enjoyed their company.

A second reason is to keep in touch with family and friends. We don’t have any family near enough for us to see them on a regular basis and the blog will be a way for them to keep in touch. We struggle to find enough time to keep in touch with all of the good friends we have made, even those of you in London.

Thirdly, and I don’t want to sound unnecessarily grandiose, but I’m motivated by my own little piece of history. I think we are the first generation of marriages/partnerships to fully embrace co-parenting, to start having our children at an age when our parents where seeing us off to uni. I also think I am part of the first generation where combining a career with parenthood is the norm rather than the exception. I think Generation X will be interesting for all of these reasons and in the absence of a 21st century Mass Observation, the blogosphere will do for me.

Finally, plenty of people combine careers and motherhood but not everyone commutes with their kids, and fewer still commute with their twins. Since we started doing this just over two years ago (to put our twins in my fantastic work-based nursery) we’ve met with reactions at either end of the sliding scale from “you must be mad” to “how marvellous”. It’s those reactions that have inspired the title.

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4 Responses to Mass Observation

  1. David Saywell says:

    Well done Leonie for getting this up and running! A moment of pure joy for Eve and Leah immersed in those balloons!

  2. Leonie says:

    Dear Help Desk, thank you. Now please update the Lolly Manuals with a new section called Blogging. L x

  3. There IS a 21st century Mass Observation!!!!!! It has been running from the original MO Archive since 1981 and conrtinues to flourish. See
    From the former MOA Archivist & Director, Dorothy Sheridan.

    • Leonie says:

      Dear Dorothy

      Thanks for taking a look at my blog – actually after I wrote this post I did Google Mass Observation to see if it was still going. I was surprised to see that it still was, but I’m not eligible to take part. I did however order Nella’s War from the Mass Observation site, which I am looking forward to reading and being inspired by.


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