The real Topsy and Tim

Eve has a liking for Topsy and Tim at the moment. I loved these too when I was little, but now, well they are a bit dull and not at all realistic. Why do you never see Topsy and Tim squabbling? Their mum and dad are just too perfect, devoting their days to imparting essential morality into their receptive and vegetable loving children. But it’s not like that 80% of the time is it? Here are the Topsy and Tim books I’d willingly buy and read

  • Topsy and Tim and the day long fight over which DVD to watch
  • Topsy and Tim and the lunchtime battle over who gets to eat with the Thomas spoon
  • Topsy and Tim say “not eat’n it” (volumes 1 – 20)
  • Topsy and Tim have a meltdown in the park

My bedtime reading of choice with them at the moment is the more realistic

Time to get out of the bath, Shirley (John Burningham)
We are we wearing out the naughty step (Mick Inkpen)

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