Windows Wars 2

Last night we made a woman on the bus cry.

After a week of okay-ish, as opposed to hellish, journeys home there has been a new offensive in the window wars and it’s been made a whole lot worse by the coalition government. Yes you read that right! As if we weren’t already affected by five year pay freezes, now our four year olds have lost their right to nap (George & Vince – it’s starting to feel awfully personal now). We were told by Nursery that due to government regulations Eve and Leah are no longer allowed a day time nap. Presumably the government have decided it’s not good for the recovery of the economy to let four year olds get away with such fecklessness. So last night I had two even more irrational, exhausted children and road works to cope with. Oh and they had been given giant pencils (jousting sticks) as some sort of literacy initiative in Nursery, which naturally they didn’t want to put in mummy’s bag.

It’s a testament to just how nice most people are in Southwark that six total strangers at the back of the bus all shifted places just so Eve and Leah could both have a window seat.

Half way through we had to change buses and I won’t go into the details but we were stuck in a traffic jam for nearly an hour and I had run out of snacks – so no chocolate button bribes. There was crying, pushing, poking with giant pencils and shouting and a young woman who was sat alongside us burst into tears and asked me to ‘please make them stop’. I felt sorry for her so I didn’t give her my usual retort of “Oh please tell me what you do when you are commuting with your twins” delivered with an enquiring and expectant smile (works every time). The thing is a few years ago I would have had the same reaction and thought I was an appalling mother for letting my children behave like that. One of the better qualities that parenthood has brought out in me is the ability to never, ever judge another parent no matter how badly their offspring are behaving.

Got home nearly two hours after we had boarded the first bus. Did the bath/bed ‘routine’ in super quick time. Raided the childrens’ chocolate button store.

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2 Responses to Windows Wars 2

  1. Gretchen says:

    We had the same experience on the bus a few weeks ago (minus the crying woman, but plus the two crying kids).

    Thanks for writing this – you’re voicing very eloquently all the things I feel.

  2. Leonie says:

    Thanks Gretchen. It’s always made me feel better knowing I’m not the only woman commuting with twins in London. They were pretty good tonight! Leonie x

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