Art of the week

It’s a watery theme again, inspired by the need for an art activity which would fill a day (I had the girls on my own this weekend and wanted to be Mrs March with them and not Becky Sharp) so decided a photography project at the Horniman aquarium would be fun. I also wanted to show my support for this excellent local museum, now under threat because DCMS are seeking a new sponsor. This is probably why the Horniman are now having to charge an entry fee for their small but perfect aquarium. We are frequent visitors so £15 for an annual family ticket isn’t very much but we have never seen the aquarium so quiet. The Horniman is the only London museum I know which completely delivers on inclusion, so it’s very sad indeed to see its public funding being cut.

Anyway the quiet did mean we took some great photos.

This is my favourite creature in the aquarium. It reminds me of a lava lamp!

Leah took this

The girls are fascinated by these seahorses

Little mermaid

Love the connection between the two in this photo

Then it was home to edit the photos and turn cereal boxes into our own aquariums.

A lovely Saturday was had by all.

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