A Saturday Ritual

Since Eve and Leah were tiny babies we have made pizzas on Saturday. It has its origins pre-twins when a Saturday night pizza and film / exhibition date was what we did (how carefree that seems now, to decide to see a film and take off without a fortnight’s notice to book a babysitter!). Anyway, pizza film dates have now evolved into something altogether more family-orientated. We start making our pizza after lunch on Saturday with Eve and Leah’s help. If you want the recipe it is within the Eating pages of this blog. I think I first got the recipe from Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle but its evolved over the years to become my own. It’s one of the few meals Eve and Leah eat with relish and I like the way pizza marks Saturday for them. After they have gone to bed David and I watch a film and in this way Saturday night pizza film dates have continued and actually those sofa seats beat the Curzon for comfort and the pizza is pretty amazing too.

First we make the tomato sauce

Then the dough

Hey presto, Eve and Leah Saturday pizzas!

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