Chic, non?

Grandma has a penchant for bright knits. I love dressing the girls in homemade and second hand stuff so I’m not complaining and bright is in, right? Leah is fond of this cardigan and has decided it looks more stylish, or possibly more Thomas, worn back to front.

I love to see what Eve and Leah dress themselves in (a Sunday morning experiment only at the moment as I’m nowhere near being ready to relinquish control over their wardrobe, I can barely do this with David). For them there are no rules whatsoever and anything goes, including wearing t-shirts toga style, wearing trousers over leggings with a skirt and a dress on top of that, always topped off with two alice bands each and a woolly hat. Layering is where it’s at for the Saywell girls. Unfortunately the advantages of this look in keeping them warm are never fully realised because mean Mummy won’t ever let them go out dressed this way.

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