Eve and Leah go to the Dentist

I know I’ve blogged about Topsy and Tim already, but Eve took Topsy and Tim go to the Dentist out of the library recently. Compare what happened when I took Eve and Leah to our dentist for their first check up.

After casually strolling into the dentists, looking chic and relaxed, Topsy and Tim’s mum pops a delighted Tim onto the chair.

With their impending dental appointment I booked a visit from my mum weeks in advance and she travelled 300 miles to help out. The memory of their pre-school boosters a few months earlier, when Leah cried for a full hour and a half afterwards, made this seem like a sensible precaution. After trying to contain them in the waiting room for twenty minutes whilst form filling and doing false alarm loo visits we were both frazzled. When we were finally called into the surgery our lovely dentist innocently commented that surely two such sweet little girls didn’t need two adult helpers -hah!

After abandoning any hope of getting one of them into the chair our dentist suggested she just got them to open their mouths whilst they sat on our laps. At the sight of the dental mirror they both started howling and clamped on to us fervently.

This picture is frankly alarming because Topsy has her filling without any anaesthesia.

Our dentist switched tack and decided that if the girls saw me having my teeth checked they’d be more likely to open their mouths. So I had a check up I didn’t need but they still refused to get even one step closer to the chair. Eventually Eve opened her mouth a couple of centimetres and a quick count was done. Leah was still howling and we all agreed that as Eve and Leah are identical their teeth must be the same. We left.

Topsy, suffering no apparent discomfort from having her teeth drilled without painkillers happily accepts that an apple is much better than some sweets.

As we emerged back onto the street with two screaming three year olds we dragged them to the nearest café and consoled them with hot chocolate and Danish.

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