My best first

Best first is Leah’s delightful expression for favourite thing. We’ve been celebrating my birthday in my home city of Liverpool so here’s our list of best firsts.

Mrs Rush Hour

It was lovely to see my family, especially my mum who organised a fantastic birthday dinner, but there are two other best firsts.

First best first is Sculpture Revised in Tate Liverpool, curated by Wayne Hemingway. It’s a strong collection of sculpture anyway but what makes this different is that you view it whilst listening to 70’s disco music in a room lit up like a nightclub. I can’t describe why this works but it truly does and the best first bit was that there’s a Saturday Night Fever type dance floor in the middle, so amongst the Hamo Thornycrofts, Gisha Koenig, Rodin and Moores you can boogie. This is genius and here we are taking full advantage.

This is worth a visit to Liverpool, I can’t think there can be too many other opportunities to disco to Degas.

Second best first continues the theme of dancing – it was my birthday after all. Finally made it to the Beatles Museum after twenty years of meaning to go. It kept two forty-somethings and two four year olds happy for nearly two hours. Best first for me was the recreated life size Cavern Club (not cavernous at all, it was tiny) The photo is blurry because obviously we were twist and shouting so fast!

I thought this original memorabilia was lovely too

Being a tourist in your home city is a three dimensional experience. You get to have fun, there’s the déjà vu of historical details all relayed in accents that flashback to schooldays and there’s the pride you feel. Liverpool in the 1980’s and early 1990’s was grim. You can still experience this on a bus ride down the Stanley Road but the inner city is transformed and makes me almost wish I still lived there. We’ll be back for a week in May and will be visiting the Hardman’s House and the Williamson Tunnels.

Mr Rush Hour

He says his best first was taking a city tour and liking that on Hope Street there is a cathedral at either end and seeing the architectural links between Gilbert Scott’s Anglican cathedral and Tate Modern.


She was much taken with hotel life and liked announcing loftily “back to the hotel now”. The weather was also sunny enough to allow for a little al fresco Thomas play.

But her very surprising best first was buying her bridesmaid shoes for my brother’s wedding in May. This from the little girl who regularly tells us she is a boy! She did however say that she would be wearing the butterfly shoes dressed as Thomas (clearly we have work to do before May).


She’s her mother’s daughter so has two best firsts. First is the trip on the duck boat and she’s been carrying the postcard around with her ever since. We thought it was pretty fun too – even the lame jokes (apparently the Inland Revenue building is now 2.5% bigger than last year, ha, ha).

Her second best first was playing Beatles tunes on this giant interactive piano at the Beatles experience.

She also found the donation box at the Tate hilarious

Gina Dah

Pretty exciting weekend for an aged grasshopper. She’s a Lennon fan you know

Of course the real best first for all of us was four days of precious family time

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  1. Gretchen says:

    I love “best first” – what a great expression.. Looks like you had lots of fun. Happy belated birthday!

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