Spring at last!

I like to create a sense of celebration when the seasons change and especially when winter becomes spring. With Mr Rush Hour and Leah on an outing of their own to Norfolk, Eve and I made a spring nature table. We were a bit lacking in materials representing March and it was too cold for a nature ramble in the park, so we called in at our local charity shop to see what we might find. Ever hopeful of a snack Eve spotted a biscuit tin with random jigsaw pieces in it and because the tin was pretty we paid our £2. Over lunch we tipped out the pieces and amazingly they made three complete and very lovely vintage wooden jigsaw puzzles. Serendipity meant that one of the puzzles was a perfect spring scene so we put that on our nature table first

We added a vase of daffodils and another of pussy willow, a plastic lamb, a knitted chick, some bright yellow origami paper and some pictures.

When Leah came home we excitedly showed her our nature table. She picked up the lamb and said “that’s a horse”. Mmm, I think these inner city children need a trip to Vauxhall City Farm sometime soon.

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