Sartorialist 2

In case you’ve been wondering, I did manage to persuade Eve into her yellow raincoat on Saturday for a trip Caffe Nero. See how thrilled she looks? 

Leah has a new coat too. Here she is, in transition between prostrate howling and concentrated woe. And there was me thinking my choice of navy blue would be a success because it’s a little like the uniform worn by Network Rail staff.

Leah keeps dropping into conversation “not wear’in new coat, no” but I’m confident that in a month, maybe two, they’ll be happily donning their coats and we’ll be out of the house in well under, oh let’s be optimistic, and say forty minutes.

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  1. Leonie says:

    Thanks Jame, it’s very flattering to know Totally Hip Cat’s are reading this blog!

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