Art of the week

This has been a couple of weeks in the making but I’m really pleased with the result and think we’ll make banners for all of the seasons. Eve is starting to show some interest in sewing and has become very proficient with the sewing cards my mum bought her for Christmas. We found all of the scraps of fabric we had in yellow, purple and green – Eve was keen to add some pink too, but settled for purple. We drew round a dvd case for the green background and I drew the letters on paper first and then cut them out for pinning on the fabrics, neatening everything with pinking shears to cut down on sewing. Eve chose the fabric for each letter and it was lovely to see the thought she put into this. I bought the yellow trim in December at the pop up shop in the V&A to accompany the Diaghilev exhibition, planning on using it for some spring art making and Eve was thrilled to pull it out of the trimmings tin.

Last weekend we sewed it all up and attached a length of string. Eve and Leah sat next to me with their sewing cards and enjoyed pulling out the pins and sounding out each letter. It was a rare squabble free activity.

We hung it up on the kitchen window where it has taught Eve and Leah how to read a new word and added a hopeful air to early, cold, drizzley mornings.

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