Spring Saturday


Yesterday Eve and Leah taught us jaded old Londoners something new. They showed us how to have fun in the parts of London we would normally shun as too touristy and too busy.  After we’d taken them to our regular Saturday fixture, story telling at the National Portrait Gallery – a fun hour hearing about Darwin’s tortoises, the original Tom, Dick and Harry apparently, Eve insisted we visit the ‘mountains’, it took a little while to figure out she meant the fountains in Trafalgar Square.

As the weather was so glorious we took a stroll through St James Park. Whilst we admired the blossom and en route these wonderful March Hares, Eve and Leah had some good old fashioned fun with sticks.

Leah is fascinated by the London Eye, calling it the ‘giant spinning wheel’ and we decided to walk to the South Bank, taking in Big Ben and the tourist crowds on the way. Curiosity satisfied by seeing the Eye close up we carried on walking taking in the street performers on the way to Waterloo Bridge. Eve and Leah were awestruck by meeting a lion, seeing a bicycling grasshopper, a statue which shook hands, a giant bubble blower and spiderman. Their awe made us see all this from their four year old vantage point and you know what, it was pretty amazing.

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