Finally, a mum I can relate to


Followers of this blog will know of my irritation with Topsy and Tim’s mum here and here. However we have recently discovered Sarah Garland’s books and I am loving her feisty, scruffy and realistically knackered mum with her postpartum curves, old green coat and her messy kitchen, where she never quite manages to put the iron away. This mum does cross, frustrated and resigned as well as fun and love and the watercolour illustrations are a joy of muddled detail. I see something new in them every time I read them which is just as well because we read them a lot, every book at least twice per twin every evening and often on the bus too.

The words are sparse and simple and Eve and Leah have learned them all by heart, giving the illusion that they are reading the books to me, a lovely portent of their literate selves, which will come soon enough.

If you are a Sarah Garland fan too you’ll like this Observer article, although you’ll tut loudly at the bit about the reissued Christmas book having to show the mum drinking a mug of tea at the end of the day rather than the large glass of wine which was in the 198o’s original.

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