double speak


Here’s a handy guide to Eve and Leah speak:

Bits innit  –  There are vegetables on my plate and I’m not happy about it
Peck’m Scream  –  Let’s go to either Goose Green or Peckham Rye playground
Making Faster  –  Watch out, I’m speeding on my scooter
Sumgrasses – sunglasses
Yesterday  –   this morning
Do it self   –  I can manage this without any help thanks   
Us on puter  –  this blog

Idioglossia is the technical term for the private language twins share. Long before Eve and Leah ever spoke to us they had their own special sign language and words. In fact they didn’t really start properly talking until they were three, causing me much anxiety and following many hours of speech therapy. Everyone said that when they did start talking we’d soon tire of their endless questions and repetition. But I never have, it still feels like a novelty that they are chatting and I’m still enthralled by their every sentence. They still have a few exclusive words and phases; their current favourite is the word ‘schwabs’  which gives them the giggles every time one of them utters it.  Whatever it means, they aren’t telling.

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