Mamas and Papas

Mother’s Day. The day where Mr Rush Hour (guesting here today) should make a real effort to ensure Mrs Rush Hour has a really enjoyable day.

It all seems to be going well.

During the week, buy presents and wrapping paper. Check.

Yesterday, buy cards for Eve and Leah. Ensure selection by girls is vaguely appropriate, filter out selections of vehicles with Happy Birthday Son. Check.

6.25 today. Make sure Mrs Rush Hour gets a lie in when the girls wake and plead for milk and downstairs for their daily dose of Me Too on Cbeebies. Check.

Prepare well for waking Mrs Rush Hour around 9.30. Double-check on the bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon and latte. Check.

Prepare the presents and cards.

Tear girls eyes away from early morning watching of the Wizard of Oz to ensure vague sense they have signed their card. Check.

Write something appropriate in the three book presents without making a mistake that leads to a crossing out. Check. Phew, always tricky that.

This is a breeze. I’m nearly there.

Get the paper to wrap the presents. Chec …… Oh my God. I’ve left the wrapping paper at work. I scramble up to the spare room. Look at the bag of spare wrapping paper odds and ends. All paper that Mrs Rush Hour had bought for the girls or me. Idea of using some of it dismissed in a split second. Mrs Rush Hour visual memory far too strong not to remember.

Mmm. Stuck. Walk downstairs, past the flip chart paper on the wall. Hey, an idea, make my own with the flip chart paper. That’s a big sheet to cover and time is ticking on and soon the girls will be demanding my full attention again. Quick thinking required. Hold group of pens together in style reminiscent of distant recollections of multiple pen holding for writing lines as punishment at school. Damn, no sellotape. Hair band, that’s it, 15 pens brought together in a colourful symphony by one of the girls’ hair bands.

Ten minutes later three sheets of flip chart paper covered with different designs and the day saved.

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you Mrs Rush Hour for being such a fantastic mum to Eve and Leah, loving, caring and inventive!

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