This Princess


She might look like a piece of plastic tat to you but she symbolises a special community to me.

Let me explain. For a week or so last month she was the toy du jour for Eve. The object that Eve couldn’t leave the house without in the mornings and the first thing she looked for when she woke. A few weeks ago we were coming home on the bus and Eve was constructing an imaginary fairytale kingdom on the top of the seat. The bus braked and we saw the Princess catapult over the heads of the next couple of rows of passengers. Eve’s lip trembled and she loudly announed that princess ‘got lost’.  People obligingly stood up and helped in the search but no one found it. For the next few days Eve asked us to keep looking and we had to break it to her that the princess had started a new life on the bus with the caterpillar.

Then at the end of last week when Mr Rush Hour was getting off the bus with the girls, a woman tapped him on the arm and pulled the princess out of her bag. She had carried on looking after we had got off the bus the other week and been carrying it around with her in the hope she’d see the twins again soon. Eve whooped, “My Pwinthess” because she comes over all Violet Elizabeth Bott when she’s excited.

Princess now lives in safety and majesty on the spring nature table and Eve will often remark on the “lady who found Princess”. I’m glad she knows the kindness of strangers.

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