Plant pot art

Matthew Wilson has written an article for our local twins club newsletter advocating gardening with twins. Inspired by this we asked the girls if they would like their own pots for growing plants. Eve said ‘Noooooooo’ as her head was still full of bouncy castle princess parties (more of which in another post) but Leah said ‘Yes’. We asked her what she would like to grow. She said ‘rainbows, bananas and baked beans’. What a wonderful piece of horticulture that would be!

We took them to our local garden shop and Leah chose her pot, still asking for banana seeds she spotted the carrot seeds (she is very fond of raw carrot sticks). Eve wanted the same packet of seeds and a serious fight ensued over who got to carry home the carrot seeds. I think I have already mentioned how my girls can squabble over anything. Leah also chose some cornflowers in Thomas blue and some beans. I will have to break it to her gently that these are not going to grow into Heinz.

Back at home, feeling rather worn-down by 15 minutes of carrot seed squabbles, Mr Rush Hour set to work painting a pot. Leah was thrilled and we spent a happy half hour filling the pot with compost including chucking in a couple of worms for added entertainment. Leah threw in the seeds and we made a label. This morning before heading to nursery she wanted to see if her seeds had grown. No rainbows or baked beans yet, but she did want to go outside this evening and say hello to wiggly-woo, her worm. Of course now Leah has a pot Eve wants one too. Says she wants to grow sticks.

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