Once upon a time on the bus


Eve has begun to tell stories. They all start with a demand for silence, a deep inhale, a dramatic pause and then with great aplomb she will begin “Once upon a time people were on the bus………” The stories vary but they all involve ice cream, buses and people waiting for their mummies. The mummies are always busy and they always keep the children waiting, taking Mrs Rush Hour’s guiltometer up an extra notch.

Eve enjoys watching me write down the stories and although she can only read a few letters she is most particular about double checking her dictation has been recorded perfectly. She will also dictate the drawings and their exact location on the page.

This is a lovely new development and, as well as enjoying the insights into her thoughts, I’m pleased Eve is fascinated by the process of writing. I’ve asked Leah if she wants to tell us a story but this girl is a budding Gradgrind with her fondness for facts and figures and would much rather have us count the number of engines in her Thomas collection. Such contrasts are an aspect of raising twins which challenge and surprise me every day. The End (as Eve puts it).

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  1. Leonie says:

    Thanks Rolande, your feedback is much appreciated

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