There’s no place like home


We are deep into a Wizard of Oz phase. It started a few weeks ago when Mr Rush Hour received the DVD as a birthday present and we watched it en famille. I was a little worried the girls would find it too frightening but this has only added to their love of it. Parts of the film are watched every day but its the accompanying play which is the best bit. Our rush hours are cheered up immeasurably by watching the girls skip ahead of us hand in hand singing, “we’re off to see the Wizard….”. Eve has been dressing up as Glinda the Good Witch and the other day I came out of the shower to find a whole roll of kichen foil and one of baking parchment unravelling past the bathroom door. “That’s really naughty” I remonstrated but when they told me they were making the Tin Man and the yellow brick road irritation evaporated like the pink bubble the good witch travels in. At a storytelling event at the NPG today about Windsor Castle, Leah became excited when she thought she heard it as Wizard’s Castle!  And Eve’s new shoes, why they are red of course and there is much clicking of heels. 

I haven’t watched the film in a decade,  hard to believe it’s now 72 years old. It’s aged beautifully, the special effects are still special and the soviet styled flying monkeys are still scary.  It makes me happy to reflect that my mum saw the film as a child in the 1940’s at the cinema, I watched it on TV on numerous Christmas Days in the 1970’s and now a third generation of noughties children are every bit as enchanted by it.

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