Pot Art 2

Eve got her own plant pot on Sunday. She is currently very keen on birds, or oiseau as she says, this being one of a few random French words she mixes into her sentences. She is growing beans, carrots, nigella, nasturtiums and tomatoes. Not sure if and how this will turn out, especially as the seeds were sprinkled very liberally and they have been dug up a few times already to check on their progress.  Whatever happens I’m enjoying the excitement with which the girls visit their pots each morning and the concern they show on our way home about their seeds being thirsty.

Here’s some upcycling of my own. I’ve been saving these coffee cannisters all winter with the thought that they would look fabulous filled with red geraniums and chilli peppers. The chillies will have to wait a while, the seeds are still in their packet and we need to drink our way through a lot more coffee. But right now in this unexpected hot April the geraniums have added a welcome zingyness to our little garden.

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