Adults only


Our bedroom makeover is complete, courtesy of the labours of Mr Rush Hour and the creative direction/interference of Mrs Rush Hour. When we moved in to our house, just a few weeks before Eve and Leah were born, all there was time to do was a quick sanding of the floor and a cursory lick of white paint and so creating a tranquil, adults only space has been on our to do list for the last year. With bank holiday overload in April and Eve and Leah’s stuff invading every room, it was time to get started. I love the result, especially the fact that the only money we’ve spent is on the paint, £30 on a 1950’s wicker nightstand and a few new door knobs. In the best tradition of makeovers here’s a before and after shot

The Ikea MDF wardrobes we inherited with the house are transformed with paint and new handles.

The floor and chair are worth the vat of white paint and the effort of keeping the girls away between coats

And my bedtime reading is no longer piled on the floor

It’s been a tough old week work wise so the newly tranquil bedroom has been the perfect end of day antidote.

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  1. Hertha says:

    Really like the new design. I really enjoyed this article. Appreciation for a perfect post.

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