Sunny beaches for a rainy Monday

This is Eve one week ago on Formby beach. This is where I grew up and it felt good to sit on the sand and reminice with my own daughters about the adventures my brother and I had. We really did have the kind of childhood where we rode off on our bikes after breakfast, climbed trees, built dens, chased the waves and then came home for tea. It’s a level of freedom which made us very indepdent and aware of nature. There’s simply no way Eve and Leah’s London childhood is going to be like that and I hope some of the advantages they have that I didn’t will compensate for this lack of independent discovery.

We rarely have matching moods from our twins so Eve’s delight at the beach was matched by Leah’s ire over wet feet

We have holidayed in the UK ever since Eve and Leah were born as a combined result of trying to offset the carbon footprint babies create, economising and an aversion to the thought of flying with toddlers and all of their stuff. We have had four years of wonderful beach holidays in Suffolk, Norfolk and on the Isle of Wight.

Appley Beach, Isle of Wight, last year. I love the composition of this.

Dunwich Beach, Suffolk, 2008. I like the way my mum looks on, ancient mariner style, at her daughter and grandaughters.

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2 Responses to Sunny beaches for a rainy Monday

  1. I have very fond memories of Appley beach – if it’s the beach that I think it is. Is it near Ryde? With amazing views of Portsmouth and big liners going in and out in the far distance? My granny lived nearby and we would wander down every day. There was a shell shop in a tower at one end, perhaps it’s still there. I just found your blog, and think its lovely. Very impressed at the thought of commuting with twins, and glad to see that the Hepworth was such as success, I am planning to drag our girls there later in the year.

    • Leonie says:

      Thanks for commenting Charlotte, I’m a big fan of your blog – it’s listed on my following page and I’ve linked to your posts a couple of times. It’s been great to have another wordpress blog for inspiration. Appley beach is near Ryde and we had a blissful holiday there last summer. Yes, do visit the Hepworth and take in the nearby Yorkshire Sculpture Park too, which is great for kids. Good luck with your exam! Leonie

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