Fathers Day

Even though it’s Fathers Day, Mr Rush Hour still got up with the girls at six thirty. I didn’t wake up until eight and insisted he went back to bed, so we could wrap up presents and write cards. Thereafter Fathers Day got underway properly with sausages for breakfast and a rare solo outing for Mr Rush Hour to catch the Watercolours exhibition at Tate Britain. Meanwhile we made a cake and did some gardening. Eve’s gardening attire is very fine.

Later we had colourful chocolate cake and stories.

I adore Anthony Browne’s illustrations and the affectionate portrayal of the Dad as an everyday super hero. Eve is still in a Spot the Dog phase so Spot’s Dad was a present from her. We are all hoping that her love for the one dimensional Spot will evolve soon.

Happy Fathers Day Mr Rush Hour. Thank you for everything you do for us and for being a super hero to Eve and Leah every single day.

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