Squabbles in the Sculpture Park

We visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park a few weeks ago during our Wakefield weekend.  After a whole morning in the Barbara Hepworth it seemed like the perfect place to let the girls run free. The park is magnificent but my enduring memory of the visit will be their spectacular squabbling. The sculpture above is by Jaume Plensa, not sure what it’s called, Twin Stand Off would be appropriate.

Next up was Hepworth’s Family of Man. There was shoving to see who gets nearest.

Pushing to see who could get through first.

It’s mine!

No mine!

There was screaming and lie down tantrums too. I hope Hepworth would have understood.

Escaping to a tiny greenhouse I found this intriguing installation

Inspiring a mesostic of my own:








Richocheting to the next conflict, had on Elmer (Elephant by Barry Flanagan)

The next day we went to Leeds Art Gallery and the Henry Moore Institute. On the way in Eve sobbed, “no more gwawies, noooooooo“. Lesson learned, we can’t do the kind of art weekend we used to, we needed more bouncy castles, more Rice Krispies and more Ceebeebies for it to be an all round good weekend.

One day Mr Rush Hour and I will come back to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, in midwinter, and wander hand in hand through a quiet park taking in all of the details we missed. Only we’ll probably just reminisce about our four year olds in 2011.

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