Summer holiday

We stayed at Knowles Farm, St Catherine’s Point on the Isle of Wight.  Now owned by the National Trust but once the location where Marconi transmitted the first long distance radio signal in 1901, without which there would be no mobile phones, TV, or wi-fi. This made a holiday in which the entertainment and facilities were as non technological as could be all the more to our liking.  Eve and Leah took the news that there was no Cbeebies quite well and contented themselves with watching the boats at the end of the garden, acting out vignettes from Me Too and doing yogo from Waybuloos

Picking wild flowers kept Eve and Leah amused on long walks. The flowers on the Island are gorgeous and abundant and to me are much nicer than anything you could buy in a florist.

The cliff tops were perfect for kite flying

My own childhood holidays always involved a visit to a Welsh castle so a visit to nearby Carisbrooke Castle completed the nostalgia fest. Trying to get in the fountain was more engaging than the battlements or dungeon.

Playing hairdressing was good on the only morning it rained

Rush hour Ventnor style

There was no mobile reception at all. It was bliss!

But the last word belongs to Gina, enjoying some natural grasshopper habitat.

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