Holiday art and more nostalgia

Over the last year I have found lots of inspiration in The Creative Family which I’ve written about before. One of the ideas in the book is to have weekly family art sessions and for everyone to have their own sketch book for recording drawings and tracking progress. Mr Rush Hour bought us all sketch books some time ago and I packed them when I saw how mixed the weather forecast looked. Actually the weather was fine and it wasn’t until the last day, all beached out, that we came back to our cottage and sat round the kitchen table. It was a blissful hour and I’m determined to make it a regular feature of our weekends.

More family art at the beach in Ventnor, where we spent a happy afternoon making this lighthouse by sorting pebbles into their different hues

Forgive the posing, I was attempting to recreate a similar shot of my own Mother taken on a Melbourne beach in the 1960’s. I like the way the current trend for vintage makes style icons of our mothers. Eve approved of the hat at least

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1 Response to Holiday art and more nostalgia

  1. boublog says:

    I love that pic of you Leonie! So stylish – like something from a magazine. Gorgeous.

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