Johnny Town Mouse

“It sounds rather a dull place. What do you do when it rains?”
I have always shared  Johnny Town -Mouse‘s view of the countryside and even as a child thought Timmy the Country Mouse’s fear of the noise and clatter of the city was wimpish. I mean I like visiting and holidaying in the country but I could never see us living there, a view thankfully shared by Mr Rush Hour.

Yesterday we caught the train to Wraysbury for a friends party. It’s properly in the countryside, despite being only forty minutes away from London. Within minutes of stepping off the train we were picking bunches of cow parsley, feeding a goat and pausing to watch a cricket match on the green, Rupert Brooke  style before spending a truly lovely afternoon in a garden with endless views of open countryside.  So I’m grateful that arriving back in London on a hot Saturday evening didn’t feel  depressing but cheerfully like home. The fun mosaic above of Seurat’s The Bathers in a railway arch at Waterloo is just one of thousands of resaons why I love living in London.

Today was spent in Brockwell Park, aka Brixton Beach, and I realise I like my countryside best when it’s in the city!

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