My very talented friends

I’m going to go slightly off theme for this post because it’s not every week that not just one but two friends have their writing published and aired.  Firstly Sarah Alderson‘s first book, Hunting Lila is out this week. It’s officially categorised as young adult fiction but this, not at all young adult, was gripped by it for several nights. It’s a clever thriller, well written and with engaging and believable characters. I’m already looking forward to the sequel. Sarah writes a funny and honest blog and although she makes the story of her journey from fed up London employee to full time author living in Bali sound rather like a fairy tale, Sarah applies a focus to getting what she wants that involves a level of courage and determination few of us have. It was wonderful to see Sarah looking so blissfully happy at her book launch.

Anna Symon is a talented screen writer and her play The Meaning of Love was on Radio 4 this week. We were quarantined at home with Leah’s impetigo so it was a rare treat to listen to a radio play on a weekday afternoon. More so because the play is funny, clever and recommended listening for anyone in a long term relationship. If you happen to like 1980’s music there’s an extra incentive to tune in.

Both Anna and Sarah have children, fitting their writing around family life. So I suppose this post does have something to say about parenting after all. Anna and Sarah haven’t let children be a forfeit for their own ambitions and amongst the snarl of family life have achieved something very few aspiring writers ever will.  Talking to Sarah’s Dad at the book launch, he said he’d always told his kids that they could do anything they wanted and that nerves were just an adreneline rush to help them through. Sarah’s brother also had a book published this year, so he has a point.

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