London riots

This week I’ve been frightened, horrified, grateful and inspired.

Frightened by how quickly the violence escalated and horrified, returning home late on Monday evening, to have the acrid smell of the burning buildings in Peckham hit us as we walked down our road.

Grateful that the violence was brought under control by Tuesday and that Eve and Leah have been engrossed in their books, comics and squabbles on our bus journeys up and down the Walworth Road so they haven’t noticed the police patrolling the pavements and the boarded up shops. Eve has only asked once “why do the windows have wood on them?” How do you reply to a four year old? “Erm, well………to stop them being broken” I offered lamely but this was literal enough to satisfy her and she hasn’t asked again.

Inspired and moved by Peckham’s Peace Wall  and intending to add four more post it notes to it tomorrow.

The shop front above is on our high street where four shops had their windows smashed on Monday night.


 We did some local shopping this evening, wanting to support our local shop keepers. People chatted and smiled and checked in with each other far more than is usual. It was a good reminder of why I love my local community and that Monday’s riots are, I hope, behind us.

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