The Goose Green Mini Olympics

Don’t believe London’s credibility as Olympic hosts has been damaged by recent riots, I bring you news of the Goose Green Mini Olympics. They were a great success and there was absolutley no trouble, well apart from a couple of tantrums about whose turn was next.

There were hurdles

A new Olympic event was introduced, ‘the Tunnel’

Next up, shot putt

Medals were won

and world records set

The athletes relax in their low carbon footprint refreshment tent

That was fun!

Thanks to the Tucker Family for being such good sports.

Flags, medals, games and olympic music here.

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2 Responses to The Goose Green Mini Olympics

  1. ho shaky says:

    I believe the London Olympics of 1912 included an obstacle course event, which would put this Goose Green olympics squarely in the historical realm, perhaps even making it more relevant in historical terms than the overblown farce that is to erupt next year, though I may be wrong…

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