Twin Talk 2

School starts in just a few more weeks and I’m richocheting between melancholy for Eve’s and Leah’s fast evaporating toddler ways and excitement about seeing them turn into school girls. This evening melancholy is winning because I’ve spent most of it being quite grumpy with them after a rare trip to the supermarket (how did parents of small children cope before online grocery shopping and delivery????).  Within five minutes inside Sainsburys we’d made twenty apologies for bashing people with the trolley, because both girls wanted to push, but not in the same direction at the same time. Then I made the mistake of using self checkout. I’m a Luddite at this at the best of times but with two ‘helpers’ both wanting to pack a bag each and with no clue about the etiquette of scanning, ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ was proclaimed with such frequency an alarm sounded, store security was summoned and we were followed to the Bob the Builder ride to have our bags examined. So, not the best start to the weekend, but to redress this recidivist behaviour, here’s a selection of this summer’s sweetest expressions:

Too falling………………..Bike trouble, as in ‘let’s take the scooters today my bike’s too falling’
Don’t do the tight on me……………No seat belt please
Talk to me with your eyes………..Look at me Mummy
Cweme on it…………….a medical emergency, as in ‘apply savlon’
My tall……………a box Leah carries around to stand on 
What’s twime o’clock?……………what time is it?

and not so sweet but frequently heard

it’s mynnneeeeeeee……………………..the law of the land

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1 Response to Twin Talk 2

  1. ho shaky says:

    With so much unrest in the UK these days I fully support the idea of Sainsbury’s security introducing Eve and Leah to the idea of authority and harrassment.

    I imagine supermarket chains are quaking in fear at the thought that a stray pocketed sweetie might send them to the wall.

    And as for you, Leonie Saywell, you’ve obviously got a face only a blind mother would trust.

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