The Haircut

Eve and Leah will be in the same class when they start school next month. This completely feels like the right decision for us, especially given the latest results of a study from Kings College evidencing the negative effects of splitting up identical twins in primary school.  However school uniform will make them look identical for the first time in their lives. I never dress them alike and I actually find it quite repellent when I see twins dressed exactly the same, although I accept this has a lot to do with how much I hated it when my own mother dressed my sister and I identically. One Easter she even dressed my brother  in the same yolk yellow jumper and brown corduroys. Anyway back to the point of this post which is that I decided that Leah should have her hair cut short. The only snag being that Leah’s last visit to the hairdresser was two and a half years ago. She screamed and struggled and the hairdresser refused to ever cut her hair again. Since then, apart from me occasionally doing a trim with the kitchen scissors, her hair has been left to grow. Happily a friend recommended Happy Faces  who promise a tear free and fun experience and so I booked a cut in the Thomas train. 

It wasn’t exactly tear free but sitting inside a Thomas train whilst watching a dvd and holding a lollipop certainly helped.  I forgot my camera so I don’t have any photos of the finished haircut, complete with glitter spray and the photo above, taken in the Tate this morning, doesn’t really do it justice.  But suffice to say, there’s cute and there’s this haircut. And people have stopped asking me if they are twins!

I wasn’t planning on cutting Eve’s hair but when she saw Leah having her hair cut she wanted the same. So now she has a fringe and slightly shorter hair. The only drawback is that I don’t think they’ll ever settle for a trim with Mummy’s kitchen scissors again.

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