Miro – a review

When Mummy and Daddy suggested we spend Sunday afternoon at the Tate I was excited because I always like to see the river and I can race my toy taxi down the big slope inside the gallery, also I might get to have an apple juice in a cafe.  The river was good because I saw a police boat speeding. But when I took my taxi out of my pocket to race it, a lady in a uniform told me off. I wasn’t happy and even after a ride up two escalators I didn’t want to see the mirror exhibition. You can see me yawning in the picture. I tried telling Daddy that I couldn’t walk and my tummy was rumbling. He still said we were seeing the mirrors but I did get to ride on his shoulders.


This painting was my best first. There were also some broken pictures. I asked lots of questions about these, who broke them? Did they get into trouble for mucking about? But Daddy said he didn’t know.

Leah and I got our cars out for this bit.

Mummy said that Woman with blond armpit combing her hair by the light of the stars is the best title ever for a painting. I think Princess with Apple Juice would be a good title too.

Anyway I’ve decided that Mirror is my third best artist after my first best and second first best

When we left Leah spoke to a policeman and he said his name was Simon and he and another policeman let us try on their hats. That was the best bit of all.

Dictated by Eve

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