Dress up

The start of the second week of my September sabbatical and the last few precious days of Eve and Leah as pre-schoolers. I am enjoying my time with them enormously and one of the very nicest things is observing their imaginative games. I now realise how much of this I’ve missed through working full time. Our weekends have always been filled with activities and us both trying to give the twins as much of our attention as we can. This never left any time for them just to be and as they relax into their second week of exclusive mummy time they pay me less attention and spend their time at home in imaginative play. This morning we had the best game of dress up, starting with the Wizard of Oz above.

Then there was Dr and Nurse and some truly scary injections were administered

Eve insisted on fairies and Leah reluctantly agreed to this rather glam golden fairy get up

The fairy was soon replaced with a builder

My absolute favourite –  these swimming mermaids

Leah accessorised with fish and shell phone

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