Well hello there – I’ve lost a weeks blogging due to the brain death of our laptop at home. Apart from missing blogging there has been the angst of worry about recovery of Eve and Leah videos and photos which were all stored on the desktop (fortunately backed up on a regular basis by Mr Rush Hour, apart from the last six months worth). Anyway although we have to get a new laptop nothing major has been lost. 

So to the ballet.  I have to admit that I’ve been planning ballet lessons for my girls since my 23 week scan five years ago.  But I just don’t think they are ready for the discipline of actual ballet lessons yet. Instead we have just finished a course at Siobhan Davies which has been a lovely introduction to music, movement and art. The final lesson yesterday was held outdoors in nearby West Square and everyone got to be lightening, wind and rain

Eve and Leah have loved this course, even though Leah insists the teachers name is Clap.

A visit to the Degas exhibition was met with intial enthusiasm from Eve and was the perfect excuse to wear her favourite tutu skirt

The exhbition is well worth seeing and does give new insights into Degas’ work and its great that the RA are managing the tickets so well that even on a busy Sunday afternoon the space wasn’t packed. Eve and Leah, after the first roomful of paintings, were bored and whiney. We promised them cake in Patisserie Valerie if they were patient.  You can see how dangerously mutinous they were by the time we left from the photo at the top.

Anyhow the immediate recipient of ballet lessons is me. I’ve been doing beginners ballet at Push studios and I love it. I’d forgotten what a good workout it is, resulting in a virtuous all over leg ache which lasts until almost the next class. Meanwhile Eve and Leah are signed up for a performing arts taster class in a couple of weeks time.

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  1. ho shaky says:

    I can’t wait for the photos of Daddy lifting Mummy in his ballet tights.

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