turning green, I really think so

Sorry for parodying this old Vapors song but it’s been a day of  80’s reminiscense. Plus I’m trying to liven up what could be a dull post about recycling. Yesterday Southwark finally agreed to take away our green rubbish bin. That means from now on everything we discard needs to be recycled. This is greatly helped by a plethora of bins provided from the council – we have brown bins, blue bins, a new food waste kitchen bin as well as our own composter. We’ve tried this new system for the last month and I haven’t really come across anything I can’t recycle, or give back to the Tesco’s delivery man.  I was temporarily stumped by a used brillo pad but stuffed it under a gap in the kitchen for extra mouse proofing. And I’m rather proud of this bunting made from Eve and Leah’s outgrown knickers! 

The children treat the recycling regime as a game and love to tip the kitchen scraps into the composter and talk about what the worms will eat first. Yes, I do know that having children is one of the ungreenest things you can do but together with not owning a car – we catch the bus and train mostly, with occasional car hire – it feels like we are doing more than most families. I wanted to capture this moment in a post because I’m sure when Eve and Leah read this in a few years time it will seem odd that we ever had a regular rubbish bin. A bit like my memories of my parents driving without seatbelts. There, back to the eighties again.

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2 Responses to turning green, I really think so

  1. ho shaky says:

    Having children is THE greeenest thing you two have done, as you will be able to bring them up proper, as you are, in order to contribute to the survival of the human race on this planet.

    I think they are truly of the first generation of children who have parents with well-rounded, non-hippie but nevertheless right on, views of how to treat the planet with respect while living within contemporary metropolitan culture.

  2. Leonie says:

    Lovely comment, thanks. It seriously scares me to think how damaged the environment might be for Eve and Leah as they grow up. I think being green will be the “Daddy, what did you do in the war?” for our generation.

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