the feminisation of Leah

Planning which dress she’ll wear to her next party, obsessing over hairslides for school, raiding my necklaces, putting high heels at the top of her Christmas wish list. Mmmm something’s up.

Leah is turning into a girl!

Her Thomas trains are gathering dust, her toy garage is abandoned in the corner and she no longer wakes up and tells us about her Thomas dreams. Having resisted the Thomas phase wholeheartedly – read this Bibi Van der Zee article which brilliantly sums up how vapid Thomas and co are.  In fact I distinctly remember one of the reasons I was so pleased I was having girls was that I’d never have to endure Thomas the Tank Engine. Oh how Mr Rush Hour laughed about that when Leah formed her first attachment to a Thomas book aged only nine months.  But much to my surprise, I find I am missing the predictability of Thomas in our lives.

I can’t help thinking that the feminisation of Leah is connected to her starting school. The girls in her class are a princess loving crowd one and all and the boys stick together doing  boisterous boy stuff which Leah doesn’t join in. Rather sadly I think Leah has felt a bit of a misfit and is trying out a more feminine outlook for size. It started a few weeks ago when she reluctantly agreed to a game of princesses with Eve so long as she could be the Thomas Alien Princess (now there’s a story book I’d like to read). Now she’s embracing tulle and tiaras with as much enthusiasm as her sister. I suppose the next few weeks will tell us whether Leah the girl is here to stay and I need to give away her train collection to make way for those high heels and trinkets.

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