Gerhard Richter and some do’s and don’t’s

Let me start by saying for me Gerhard Richter is the greatest living artist.  No one can compare in terms of style, technique and emotional impact, so I have been desperate to see the Tate Modern Panorama exhibition. Busy weekends and illness behind us we finally went last weekend.  The lesson on the do’s and don’t’s of seeing exhibitions with small children might be as memorable as the paintings. Above we have the result of how not to do it. So don’t be so engrossed in the paintings that a four year olds ennui leads to a collapse of the whining, floppy body variety ending with a lie down protest and demands to leave pleeeeeeeese.

No, don’t do it like that, do it like Mr Rush Hour who got down to Eve’s level and just asked her to lead the pace and talk about what she could see.

Also accept that the view from the window will always be more interesting than any of the art

The Tacita Dean installation in the Turbine Hall is fantastic fun, of the running wild and whooping in the dark variety. Highly recommended.

Don’t forget your scooters. Full marks to the Tate visitor services team for allowing scooting in the Turbine Hall and for storing them in the cloakroom so graciously.

Finally, food. A riverside picnic of sausages hit the right note for the Miss Rush Hours.

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2 Responses to Gerhard Richter and some do’s and don’t’s

  1. ho shaky says:

    Nice one David.
    I have held for many years that the observations of a spectrum of visitors should be recorded in art galleries so one can hear how a 4 year old girl or a 94 year old man sees a picture, in addtion to one’s own viewpoints and those of the ‘keepers of wisdom’ in the institutions.
    I know baby steps in this direction have been made with the occasional sporadic littering of ‘kid-generated’ labels in art museums, but I’d love to be able to hear Eve or Leah’s observations on my Tate Modern handheld device, or be able to stream them on my iPad while I’m in the place…

  2. Leonie says:

    What a lovely idea x

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