Eve and Leah needed an explanation about why there was no school today. Keeping it short and simple I told them their teachers were having a protest because the government wanted to take their money away from them.  “But why is the gov’ment going to take the mummies away?” Eve asked. 

Later on we caught the bus into central London to watch the ice skaters at Somerset House and meet Mr Rush Hour for lunch, managing to get caught up in the protest march. Eve was sure the police were there to stop the “mummies from being taken.”

The ice skating was lovely but I’m so glad Eve and Leah saw the protest march. It was huge and took almost half an hour for the marchers to get past our bit of Charing Cross Road. There were lots of children marching with their parents which added greatly to the impact of the protest. I do admire the parents who gave up a days pay during the most expensive time of year. George Osborne take note. And don’t even think about taking the mummies.

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