on the twelfth day of Christmas

Eve did a brilliant job of decorating the tree. She was genuinely helpful and loved hearing about the provenance of each decoration. This made me appreciate that already our tree has a history. There’s the Venetian glass from the V&A from my single days where I could indulge in that kind of thing. Then, far more precious, there’s the crushed gold cardboard star Leah made at nursery when she was two and the green felt star Eve and I sewed last Christmas. Future trees are going to have to be much bigger to accomodate the collecting and making that is still to come.

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1 Response to on the twelfth day of Christmas

  1. ho shaky says:

    we too have a christmas tree, something i haven’t had a live version of for many a year, on account of wanting to celebrate some of the traditions of the old country for the little boy.
    actually, it is more properly a christmas branch, but what the hell, it looks like a tree…

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