Another anniversary

This time for the blog, which was a year old last week.  Like any parent of a one year old I feel like I’ve been on quite a journey, from those first anxiety filled posts as I grappled with the not so endearing quirks of WordPress and obsessed over site stats, to a whole variety of proud moments and new found skills.  

The best things about blogging have been the conscious process of creating memories of the key events and images of last year. Eve and Leah love looking back at past posts and talking about their memories and that’s been lovely. It’s also made me a better, certainly a more reflective parent. I mostly choose to write about the good stuff and family celebrations and I think I try harder to make sure those are the memories Eve and Leah will have of their childhood. I’ve also loved the writing and been encouraged by all the feedback I’ve had along the way. Without the blog I probably wouldn’t have got in touch with Kids in Museums, where you’ll find mine and others reviews of family friendly museums. Do check it out, it’s a great cause and after having worked in two museums and kvetched about the lack of focus for teenagers and fun for very young children, it’s great to be part of an organisation that is doing something about this.

So happy anniversary blog, no cake but a picture of the very first Yorkshire rhubarb of the season instead.

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