The night is getting smaller” Eve says with awe as she wakes up between us in a bedroom glowing dense white. She leaps out of bed to see if the snowfall she fell asleep to is still there. It is! She tears down the stairs with her sister and they stand hand in hand at the door, torn between warm milk and cold snow.

Later, wrapped up and wellington booted we don’t head for the nearest park but for Trafalgar Square, where we have a preview of Lucian Freud at the National Portrait Gallery to attend. Eve and Leah take this news surprisingly well and enjoy the snow covered rooftops and the wonky snowmen built by Saturday night revellers, glimpsed from their seats at the top of the bus. Inside the exhibition they are utterly charming, adding their earnest opinion as to why some of the people in the portraits look sad. “She’s just been swimming cos her hair is wet and she’s cold and wants a hot chocolate in a cafe” Leah comments, dropping some not very subtle hints about where she wants to go next.

Snowy lions and fountains with frozen icicles turned out to be as much fun as the park and hot chocolates taste best with snow sodden gloved fingers wrapped around them.

The exhibition was wonderful and will be reviewed over on Kids in Museums soon.

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  1. ho shaky says:

    As usual, a wonderful tale, I only wish I had been able to see building of the wonky snowmen by the Saturday night revellers – ’tis one thing to do this from a bus; ’tis another to do so from the seats on top!!!

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