It’s weeks since my last post and so here I am at not yet 6am on a Sunday morning, which I have discovered is the best time for writing – no else is up, there’s no Cbeebies noise and I’m just about rested enough after a Saturday off to feel fresh and focussed. Life’s been oh so busy with a new full time job, a house to sell and a string of other, very overdue commitments.

It’s all good change. The new job is great, or will be once I’ve fully mastered the names of everyone, learned the lingo and acclimatised to rush hour on the tube five days a week. The house, after a couple of months of living in a state of ever ready clutter free cleanliness (I cheated and put about 50% of the girls toys in the loft) is fingers crossed, sold. We’re also under offer on the house we want to move to which has a proper garden but is, as they say, a major project and the thought of living on a building site for six months with a full time job and two children is going to be mightily stressful.

I know we’re lucky and whenever I feel stressed about all this change, I remember the conversation I had with the lady who looks after Eve and Leah after school, who after I grumbled our house was getting too small for the four of us, told me that her flat and family home was half the size. The fact is that living in a tiny house has been fine, the thing about small children is that they only want to be in the same square metre of space that you are in anyway. Plus it’s easier to look after and afford a small house. But lately the girls have been coming home from play dates and yearning for the trampolines and outdoor play houses their friends have. I’ve also now crammed every part of our tiny back yard with herbs, vegetables, flowers and seating and had a lot of fun learning about gardening in the process. Now I’m ready for a proper garden with a lawn and trees and the words ‘raised vegetable bed’ are very exciting words indeed at the moment.

So that’s what I’ve been up to, everyone’s awake and  it’s time to make pancake batter and tea. Have a great Sunday everyone.


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1 Response to Change

  1. Richard says:

    I hear you! Every time my girls come back from a play date I time how long it is until they complain that we don’t have six bedrooms, a lawn the size of Clapham Common, a helicopter…

    But, yes we are blessed. I wish you well in the move. In a year’s time when the girls are playing in the garden and you have some “me”/”us” space you will thank yourselves for having taken the plunge.

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