I bet you were hoping for a picture of the Royal Barge, or the concert goers on The Mall last night or the flag waving crowds outside St Paul’s this morning but we didn’t do any of those things. There might have been photos of the street party we were invited to or the Jubilee Tea party in a local gallery, but both were rained off and the girls have colds and Mr Rush Hour is recovering from a bug, so instead I bring you our rainy Jubilee weekend makes in the form of the Royal Family made of loo rolls. It rained a lot this afternoon so there is quite a gathering.

Less original but essential for our home based celebrations, there is hand painted bunting and the red, white and blue themed window box is at least doing white and blue.

And of course there were cakes

I’ve been working long hours over the last month settling into my new job so it’s been lovely to have five days of family time.

But a Jubilee post deserves a bit more pomp and circumstance so here are some corgis, in this case in the window display of our lovely local sweet shop  Hope and Greenwood.

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1 Response to jubilee

  1. ho shaky says:

    lovely. i think an appropriate level of engagement with the cultural significane of the whole thing, without the forelock tugging and curtsies of yore.

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