The Limpets

or the Olympics as they are more commonly known by the non lisping over-5’s. They have been an amazing experience for us and totally worth the sacrifice of a summer holiday. We’ve immersed ourselves fully in events – Mr Rush Hour has been busy at work with The Road to 2012 , I have been volunteering – tiring but fun, Eve wants to be a synchronised swimmer and Leah’s done a TV interview and is possibly big in Serbia now, and we’ve also shared the experience with friends and family visiting from Australia and the USA.

We were lucky enough to have tickets to two events, beach volleyball and synchronised swimming. Both selected by me last summer based on what I thought two 5 year olds would be able to endure for two and a half hours. This was not a problem, they both loved every minute and Mr Rush Hour  had a pretty nice time too – having seen nearly a 100 gorgeous girls in their swimwear in the space of a long weekend.

It’s been a fabulous two weeks in London and I can’t wait to do it all over again for the paralympics. “Please don’t ever forget this” I have been whispering into Eve and Leah’s sleepy ears as I say goodnight to them, I do so hope they won’t.

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1 Response to The Limpets

  1. ho shaky says:

    so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying yourselves. so many people get oh so cynical when the limpets come to town. i went to sydney for women’s volleyball and men’s hockey and found the whole experience really enjoyable. i’ve also been loving watching the events in inner london, thinking about how much i used to enjoy walking around basically everywhere that i saw.

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