I know, I know – I haven’t written anything in over two months. Life has just been so busy bedding down into my new job, moving house, settling the girls into a new school year, doing up the new house and richocheting between autumn illnesses. Anyhow it’s now the end of half term and I’ve had a whole week off work and so here’s the blog entry I’ve wanted to write all these weeks.

The main news is the move which happened at the end of August. It was emotional saying goodbye to the old house and all its memories of Eve and Leah’s babyhood and toddler years. They came back to this house as week old babies and most of their milestones took place here. On our last morning I walked around the empty rooms remembering their first taste of sweet potato, first wobbly steps,  first ‘mama’, first drawings, all five birthdays and six christmas’. So many happy times and six lucky, wonderful years, probably the happiest of my life. But time to move on, we simply need more space and a proper garden. Eve and Leah need enough space so they don’t have to take it in turns to hoola hoop because the garden was too tiny for them to do it at the same time and despite trying everything bar a cat we never managed to eradicate our little mouse problem.

So goodbye little house and thank you for keeping us safe and happy.

And hello new house

I never thought I’d fall for a modern house but I spotted this one a year ago on my Saturday morning round trips to take Eve and Leah to their performing arts class. ‘There’s a house with interesting potential’ I thought, giving the windows and concrete fence a mental makeover and reasoning a detached house would be harder for mice to get into (true, as it turns out). After a few Saturday’s of this I looked it up on-line and saw it was within our budget and persuaded Mr Rush Hour we needed to go and see it. We viewed, made an offer which was rejected, put our house on the market, made another offer which was accepted and successfully applied for outline planning permission to extend sideways and upwards. Then there were a few stressful months where the whole thing looked like it was going to fall through, but it didn’t and now here we are. The photo above was taken on moving in day and already the windows have been painted and the garden is starting to take shape.

 Here’s the ceremonial tree planting we did in our first week. This olive tree had spent the last four years squashed into a pot it had outgrown and now it’s thriving in its new spot with space to spread out and grow deeper roots. Us too.





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2 Responses to moved

  1. hoshaky says:

    Wonderful news about the hoopla hoops!

  2. rgh1066 says:

    What a lovely blog entry. May your roots grow stronger and may your new house be the source of many happy memories in years to come.

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