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Three weeks, about a thousand pox, two bottles of Piriton, one of Junior Calpol, one of penicillin and our biggest work/home juggling act to date.  We’ve spent pretty much the whole of November playing host to the chicken pox virus and now the twins are back to full strength in body, if not complexion, I can feel grateful Eve and Leah can cross this off their ailments to-do list.

Here’s what I learned from the experience:

  • Jung was right – personality is inborn.  Observing identical twins having the same illness is the perfect proof of this because how else to explain why Eve treated the whole experience as a comedy and found her spotty face hilarious, but for her twin it was a tragic melodrama. Leah insisted on being covered at all times with a muslin cloth like a Victorian smallpox victim, lest she accidentally catch sight of herself in the mirror
  • Liquid Piriton is a miracle drug (note: not drawn to scale above). It completely eliminates the urge to scratch and means you don’t need calamine lotion, unless of course you want the retro thrill of seeing those blancmange pink spots on your own offspring
  • Americans do the right thing immunising against chicken pox. It might not be life threatening but it’s distressing to see your perfect babes covered in ugly blisters and in Leah’s case it really did make her extraordinarily miserable

Anyway it’s done with now and we’re thankful it’s not going to spoil our Christmas festivities.

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