happy new year

recuperation jan 13 001

Bit of a late greeting and not such a great new year for us because I have been ill for the whole of this month with a hat trick of diseases, first with pneumonia, then with pleurisy and finally with an MRSA infection picked up during my first stay in hospital. Thankfully  I am now almost better and can begin returning to work next week.

I don’t think I will ever take being healthy for granted now and I am truly appreciating small pleasures like going for a walk, being able to sleep lying down and wake up without pain, playing with the girls and being able to cook and eat dinner.

Hope your 2013 is a happy and healthy one!

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2 Responses to happy new year

  1. Richard says:

    Glad you’re well enough to blog now. You can always celebrate Chinese New Year (Feb 10th – the snake) instead!

  2. ho shaky says:

    apologies for delay in replying to this one. glad you’re through what sounds like a horrid time! luckily for us our boy has been very healthy. still not walking unaided at 18 months, but getting more confident on his pegs. has this week really taken to the arts, making sculptures with his blocks and starting to get obsessed with crayons and paper.

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