the play house

easter 2 2013 015

When we moved at the end of last summer, we promised Eve and Leah a playhouse. They have been lusting after one of these since a playdate at their friend Maisy’s house, hers even had wallpaper.

The Easter break was going to be spent decorating our living room but the playhouse took up a lot of time, even with two willing helpers. First there was building it

easter 2013 023

Then painting it – a compromise between their two favourite colours, pink and green.

easter 2 2013 006

Lots of finishing touches

easter 2 2013 008

Then kitting out the interior – most of these toys have been packed away since we moved so the girls were very happy to see them all again

easter 2 2013 011

easter 2 2013 012

Leah says the vibe is cafe/shop/hotel/pool house.

And finally, two weeks later, playing in it

easter 2 2013 016 (2) crop

This captures a first – a two hour play session with no input required from us, no squabbling and no tears.

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One Response to the play house

  1. jose says:

    looks lovely, and alleviates my guilt about not building one for jj yet – he has to wait until we build our own house, then he can have a little one of his own, though I doubt with my skills it will be quite as sophisticated as yours…

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